Friends Arena

A unique steel structure supports Stockholm’s new landmark

The Friends Arena is the largest multipurpose arena with a sliding roof in Northern Europe. Ruukki was tasked with the design, fabrication and installation of the four huge steel trusses which support the arena’s extensive roof structure. The delivery also included steel piles used in foundations as well as roof elements for the fixed portions of the roof. 

In order to ensure the sliding roof structure would function as intended, the installation tolerances for the huge steel structures were extremely tight.

Ruukki was selected for the task thanks to its steel expertise and extensive experience in large-scale projects.

“Reliable partners for demanding large-scale building projects can be counted with one hand. Ruukki’s reputation and our previous experiences with the company made supplier selection easy for us. Solid project and design expertise is essential in complicated building projects, especially since we always tend to work against the clock and the forces of nature.” – Erik Westman, Project Manager, Peab Sverige AB

Ruukki's delivery: 2012 Ruukki’s delivery included the fabrication, delivery and installation of steel frame structures and approximately 25,000 mof roof elements.
  • Investor: Ny Nationalarena i Solna AB (owned by the town of Solna and others)
  • Main contractor: Peab
  • Architectural designer: Arkitekterna Krook & Tjäder
  • Structural designer: Sweco
Råsta Strandväg 1, Solna, Sweden